ØBy presentation

Clinical Mastitis

Subclinical Mastitis

PAbnormal milk

PSigns of disease


PNormal milk

PNo signs of disease


Easy detection = Timely treatment


Cow is isolated to be treated.

Contamination to other cows and bulk tank

is prevented. Economic loss will be

minimized after successful treatment.

Not detected = No treatment administered


Cow continue to spread the disease and

to contaminate the bulk tank.

Represents the greater

economic loss

Bulk tank and high SCC cows need

to be cultured

ØBy source of origin

Environmental Mastitis

PHome: the environment


PExposure in the pens


PTransmitted from the

   environment to healthy



PCannot be eradicated

PHome: udder and   teat skin of cows


PSpread during



PTransmitted from

  sick to healthy cows


PIn most cases can   be eradicated

Contagious Mastitis

Developed by Humberto Rivera, MS., supported by the program “A Mexican-U.S. Dairyland Partnership Between Queretaro and Wisconsin: Dairy Training Research, and Extension for Economic Development and Trade”.