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Question of the week...


...What is the difference between Heat detection rate, Conception rate, and pregnancy rate? How do you calculate them?

Pregnancy Rate: A Clear Picture of Herd Performance

 Over the years there have many different ways to measure dairy-herd reproductive performance.
Averages can be deceiving, and don't always reflect the performance of the whole herd.

Pregnancy Rate (PR) is a more accurate and useful measurement of total herd reproductive performance. This indicates the percentage of cows in a herd that become pregnant every 21-day period after the voluntary waiting period (VWP).

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Pregnancy Rate Calculator


To calculate the economic benefit of increasing your pregnancy rate, use the "cost of pregnancy calculator"

Training - Drench Hose placement


Drenching fresh cows can be very beneficial to the productivity of a dairy. It can very often be the deciding factor that saves a cow from a fresh cow crash. To get the most benefit and avoid danger, make sure your drench tube is in the right location before you pump. For a diagram of proper hose placement see Drench Hose Placement.

Dale Carnegie - Quote of the week...


“The royal road to a man's heart is to talk to him about the things he treasures most.”

- Dale Carnegie

Imparting information to people can be a challenging task, but following this simple formula will assist you in your approach and delivery.

  • Language easily understood
  • Illustrations
  • Organize thoughts
  • Narrow subject to key points
  • Summarize