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Question of the week...


...What are somatic cells?

...Somatic cells are white blood cells sent to fight udder infection

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What is Mastitis...

  “Inflammation of the mammary gland”. It leads to high economic losses, and is characterized by:
High somatic cell count (decreased milk quality)

Decreased milk production (less amount)

Abnormal milk to visual observation

General symptoms (fever, depression, etc.).

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Training - How to singe udders


Hair removal is a vital process to improve udder cleanliness, reduce bacteria and make udder prep easier in the parlor. The fastest way to remove udder hair is to singe the udder on a regular basis. This process is easy and can save time in prepping cows by helping keep the udders cleaner.For a diagram of how to properly singe udders see How to Singe Udders.

Dale Carnegie - Quote of the week...


“Is enthusiasm important in selling? Yes, genuine, heartfelt enthusiasm is one of the most potent factors of success in almost any undertaking.”

- Dale Carnegie

Salespeople often face rejection, and it can be tough to stay upbeat on every call. Here are some ways to build and maintain one's enthusiasm:

  • Act enthusiastic and you will feel enthusiastic
  • Call a satisfied client when you feel you need a lift
  • Spend more time with enthusiastic people, and less time with complainers
  • Set achievable short range goals, and celebrate after you've reached them

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