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Appleton hooftrim chutes
Ultra hooftrim chute demonstration
Rotoclip hooftrimming supplies
Feeding cows
VAS feedwatch system
DeLaval contour parlor
DeLaval alpro system
Top Large Herd Dairies Part 1
Top Large Herd Dairies Part 2
Manure flower pots

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Funny dairy videos

kung fu cow
crazy cow
crazy cow 2
Happy cows hit the snooze
Happy Cows Bob and Weave
Happy Cows sheep escape

Vet videos

Cow caesarean section
  Basic Suturing Technique
  Tying sutures and surgery
  Instrument and hand suture ties
Surgery tail tie
Using a stomach pump
Urine Sample Collection
Umbilical hernia in a dairy calf
Treatment of large umbilical abscess in a calf
Umbilical abscess in a calf
How to insert a cidr

veterinarian training videos

YouTube-dairy farm
YouTube-milking cows
YouTube-milking equipment
YouTube-dairy cows
Rotary parlor 1
Provan Rotery parlor
DeLaval VMS robotic milker
Lely Robotic Barn Cleaner






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