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Training program

  Your employees make hundreds of cow-side decisions on your dairy every day, decisions which affect the success and profitability of your farm. They need direction and training to make the correct decisions that is in the best interest of your dairy.

Well trained employees working on your dairy are more successful and produce better results


Info Dairy provides YOUR dairy the following “on farm” assistance to…..

Help your managers….

  • Organize your dairy into a business that is easier to manage
  • Organize employee responsibilities
  • Organize work to create predictable outcomes
  • Organize employees to be accountable for the results of their work
  • Organize records to manage information and monitor results
  • Organize work and establish detailed protocols

Provide employee training……

  • With seminars and “on farm” training
  • Husbandry technical training on:
    1. Fresh Cows
    2. Hospital cow
    3. Lameness
    4. Maternity
    5. Milking
    6. Reproduction
    7. Heifer raising
    8. Calf care
    9. Nutrition
    10. Ration balancing
  • Dairy Manager….
    1. Heifer selection
    2. Protocols
    3. Management
    4. Information monitoring

Problem solve and consult....

  • Visit your dairy to help provide solutions to a current problem
  • Give recommendations for change and improvement
  • Review building plans and make design recommendations

Support and follow up....

  • Follow up with farm managers and owners after training and consulting
  • Training materials, monitoring tools, and treatment guides
  • Certificate upon completion of technical training course
  • Monthly newsletter with training tips and dairy information
  • Access to info dairy “members only” online support Q & A
  • Access to info dairy “members only” online library from the top dairy universities



What makes Info Dairy training different than other training programs?

Benefits of info dairy “on farm” training

“On Farm" training works with....

  • YOUR Farm
  • YOUR Management
  • YOUR Cows
  • YOUR Employees
  • YOUR Equipment
  • YOUR Environment
  • YOUR Schedule

That results in....

  • YOUR Success
  • YOUR Profitability

For more information how YOUR dairy can have the BEST of

American dairy training,

contact training@infodairy.com 






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